We realize revisions that you need for your existing automation and control systems by our experienced engineers and technicians in our company. It is aimed to provide the following benefits for your existing systems:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Capacity increase
  • Raw material and energy consumption savings
  • Easy service
  • High-tech and easy to control system
SCADA systems, which are basically software, allow the monitoring of factories, facilities or machines from a center with electronic devices such as computers, tablets or mobile phones. Monitoring and control can be done not only from a single device, but also with multiple devices with network connections.

The system has many advantages such as being able to be monitored at any time, allowing data to be recorded and analyzed, and recording all of the interventions made to the system. Thanks to these advantages, SCADA systems are used in many modern industries and facilities and getting things easier.
How successful the automation systems will be is closely related to a properly designed panel layout and the selection of qualified and suitable equipment. Electrical schematic drawing, control cabinet design, procurement of consumables, sizing the required switch and automation materials and deciding the suitable product are the main stages for control cabinet production.

2D or 3D drawn projects and location diagrams including symbols and macros of the materials to be used in reality are prepared by Electric & Automation Department of our company. According to these layout plans which are directed to control cabinet production zones, starting from IP 41 to IP 66 protection class, empty control cabinets that produced in accordance with TS 3033 EN 60529, TS EN 61439-1, TS EN 62208, TS EN 62262 standards are manufactured in accordance with the prepared layout plans. With the completion of the control cabinet layouts, the cabling process is started in accordance with the electrical project prepared by our company. After the control cabinet manufacturing and assembly completed in our workshop, produced control cabinets are subjected to various tests.
The main panels that we can produce using different sizes and customer preferred panel brands are as follows:
  • Control Cabinet
  • Low Voltage Panel
  • Automation Panel
  • Driver Panel
  • MMC Panel
  • CPU and IO Panels
  • Remote Panel

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